Empower's role in Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Technical assistance and capacity building are central to strengthening the capabilities of people and communities in developing nations, leading to more effective policies and better economic outcomes.

For more than 10 years, Empower has worked to strengthen the institutional and HR capacity of global health & humanitarian programs through developing, digitizing, and deploying technical content, for the engagement of users, and measuring the impact of learning interventions. In total, Empower has developed and delivered more than 1,000,000 (one million) hours of capacity building content to nearly 200,000 public health and supply chain professionals in 100+ countries.

Empower has expertise in developing end-to-end solutions for digital learning and animation and places a great emphasis on the principles of art, design, and fundamentals of film and animation. Empower has been a trusted partner to governments, private sector companies, multilateral institutions. academic institutions, CSOs, NGOs, consumer health, and medical device manufacturers worldwide.

We provide technical assistance and capacity building services in the following domains:

Our services include:

Empower works with a broad range of stakeholders to strengthen health system building blocks and address key barriers to care through digital learning.

Read more about our learning modalities and impact assessment of learning interventions.

Our key differentiators

Empower has direct experience for implementing the project and brings synergistic competencies to this proposal: