Effective Learning Solutions from Empower

Empower specializes in designing learning content for different modes of capacity building from gamified learning, microlearning, live and animated videos, digital IEC to webinars, online training, and even good old-fashioned classroom training. Empower has a variety of instructional strategies to make learning environments more interactive; to integrate authentic activities and technology into the learning experience, and to support collaborative learning by:

  • adapting to the learning styles and needs of each learner
  • actively engaging learners in the learning process
  • helping learners become independent learners
  • supporting learners in reaching their objectives (plan items, sub-goals, and goals)
  • preparing learners to transition to their goal

  • Our approach and methodology is based on a modified ADDIE model (content development methodology based on the following steps: Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) course development which is based on the following principles:

  • Adults need to know why they are learning.
  • Adults are motivated to learn by the need to solve problems.
  • Adults’ previous experience must be respected and built upon.
  • Adults need learning approaches that match their background and diversity.
  • Adults need to be actively involved in the learning process.

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    The overall approach that is followed by Empower for developing learning content begins right from the research, analysis of the users, the design, the development, and the delivery of the product. The complete design and marketing of the product is strategically approved by the experts of the domain and this approach equipped with the latest technology and is driven by data to ensure the feasibility of the solution. 

    All this is covered in different phases to deliver a holistic package that is well executed and is easily acceptable by a large number of learners.