World Tuberculosis Day 2023

24th-March -2023

24th March - 'World TB Day' is observed to raise awareness about TB and showcase efforts to end this global epidemic. Let us remind ourselves of the goal to eliminate tuberculosis from the world ahead of the 2030 targets. Aligning with WHO'S motto, Empower School of Health promotes awareness, strengthens high-level leadership through leadership programs, develops and promotes innovations in training, and establishes multisectoral partnerships to eliminate TB. Empower has partnered with organizations across the world to achieve the goal of a TB-free world. At Empower School of Health we are playing a part in building the capacity of TB health workers, including doctors, nurses, program managers, frontline workers, and many more.

International Women's Day

8th-March -2023

8th March - A global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It's high time to take actions for gender equity by showing support, by being an advocate and by being a mentor & guide to her.
Gender Equity is in Empower's DNA. At Empower School of Health we are working on gender equity through digital learning. Various digitally innovative initiatives have been developed for reaching frontline staff like nurses, mid-wives, ASHA workers etc. which is proving useful to them even in their low resource settings.

8th Foundation day- Empower School of Health


Empower School of Health recently celebrated its 8th Foundation Day on 4th of February 2023 with a heart full gratitude.
On this day, we reminded ourselves of our mission to "Transform the way people learn, work and save lives through digital learning." We thank our partners, clients, funders & students for putting their trust in us as we look ahead to keep on serving with same dedication.
Here are some words of appreciation from our senior leadership.

International Women's Day


This women's day we celebrate the strong women who have played soft on themselves for generations. They have been pulled down for ages while they have been pushing hard to prove themselves. Time and again they have broken the bias, smashed the ceilings to prove themselves to be strong mothers, independent professionals, power-packed leaders, intelligent game changers, agile sportsperson and smartest workers. They have been silently nurturing our generations with love and care while facing and beating all the challenges. It's time to acknowledge and #breakthebias not just on Women's day but Empowering Women with Knowledge and Power to play in all the arenas; with equal rights and dues that they rightly deserve! Happy Women's Day.

World Health Day 2021


Promoting Health Education, Health Literacy, and creating an impact in healthcare! Everyone deserves affordable and accessible healthcare. This not only helps individuals but societies at large. Empower is working with organizations across the globe to build a fairer and healthier world. Happy World Health Day 2021.

World Tuberculosis Day 2021


Tuberculosis is one of the most infectious diseases in the world claiming nearly 1.4 million lives globally annually. Empower School of Health is partnering with organizations all across the world to StopTB and achieve the goal of a TB Free World by 2025.

International Women's Day


We celebrate all the fierce women out there, rejoice over the achievements, keep inspiring the ecosystem and continue giving back to society, supporting women along the way. It is International Women's Day, and we would like to thank you! Whether you are a man or woman, it is the collective effort that has helped women to get where they are today. Here's to powerful women- May we know them, be them, and raise them. Happy Women's Day.