Lab Diagnostics

Empower believes that clinical lab administrations are a crucial segment for ensuring accurate patient outcomes. It is vital to develop relationships with various laboratory organizations to develop various laboratory courses through which  Empower can contribute to an adequate healthcare workforce capacity building in laboratory services to meet the increasing demands.

The main objective Empower is  looking forward to:

  • To train competent clinical laboratory personnel to meet present and future needs in improving the functions of laboratory settings.
  • To collaborate with various organizations engaged in medical laboratory education for the purpose of improving the quality of training.
  • To implement effective programs of continuing education for capacitating health workforce on laboratory management service.
  • Recently, Empower and African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) formed a collaboration by signing an MoU to jointly explore the partnership in the area of capacity building in the clinical laboratory diagnostic sector.

    Empower can also support in adapting and accelerating its market uptake in LMICs through:

    Medical Diagnostic Training Platform

  • The medical diagnostic training platform offers collated and up-to-date information about leading diagnostic devices across major disease groups.
  • Training is delivered through product guides using online resources and Empower developed content that explains what is required for the successful utilization of each device.

  • New Health Technologies

    Empower supports manufacturers and MOH for large scale introduction, adoption, and uptake of new technologies through digital learning including development and deployment training of health staff both at the private and public sector on using TrueNat machine and Molbio Diagnostics for TB testing; development of training materials for donors, ministry of health, regulatory agency, TB program staff, procurement, and supply chain staff, private sector on Quantiferon product for TB supply chain and others.

    Some of the examples include:

  • Developing and implementing a Digital Learning Platform for supporting access and delivery of new health technologies in low-and middle-income countries – focus on the supply chain - UNDP, WHO, TDR, PATH (funded by JICA).

  • Empower has worked with MoH Ghana and ADP Partners to deliver continuous, on-the-job learning at a large-scale.

    To implement the platform, Empower with support from INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group, has developed the Ghana Supply Chain Digital Learning Platform (the “BIG Learning Platform”), which is a 4-part integrated learning solution that leads to long-term institutional memory in Procurement and Supply Chain. The Platform is country-specific and country-managed, and delivers on-line access to a blended, adult-based, learning approach; with the following features:

  • customized competency-based learning to a geographically dispersed staff.
  • continuous on-the-job learning supported by mentors active within the digital platforms.
  • a mechanism to rapidly disseminate information on new product introduction.
  • peer-to-peer collaboration in Ghana.
  • Our approach for Solution Design and Deployment Methodology starts with in-country needs assessment right till the implementation and troubleshooting support.

    The platform is supplemented with webinars and an in-classroom workshop to launch the activities. The project is currently being implemented in Ghana and several of these features have already been deployed.