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Empower School of Health is excited to offer you an exclusive chance to participate in People that Deliver Global Indaba, scheduled to unfold in Bangkok, Thailand from March 6 to 8, 2024.

As a pivotal regional conference partner, Empower will facilitate your attendance to engage in discussions that will influence and drive positive change in the health supply chain sector.

People that Deliver Global Indaba is the sole worldwide conference dedicated to human resources in supply chain management, and offers an exceptional opportunity to showcase and share expert ideas and insights to shape and advance tomorrow's workforce. The theme of the conference this year is The Supply Chain Workforce: Solutions to Transform Health Supply Chains.

Come explore Empower's Educational Innovations and Engage in Empower Sessions at the "Career Square" marketplace

Visit our booth to discover our diverse range of programs, including Master's, Diploma, and certificate courses in the global health supply chain. With the introduction of the Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Health, we're at the forefront of preparing professionals for the intersection of healthcare and technology. Our team will be available to provide insights into how Empower can elevate your career in the dynamic field of health supply chain management.

In addition to being an exhibitor, Empower is also actively contributing to the conference! Join us for a special session where our expert speakers will delve into crucial topics, sharing insights, and fostering discussions to drive advancements in the health sector.

Exclusive Offer for Empower Community

As a token of appreciation for our students and alumni, we're offering a special discount code (EMP2024) for conference registration. Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with Empower School of Health at the People That Deliver Global Indaba 2024.

Empower School of Health is committed to providing unparalleled opportunities for our community. Join us at PtD Global Indaba 2024 and make your mark on the global stage.

To sign up and discover more about the Global Indaba, visit the PtD Global Indaba website at https://ptdevents.org/

Mark your calendar for an enriching experience at our booth and sessions.

See you at the Global Indaba!

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Empowering Millions with Digital Learning

27 - May - 2022

“Empowering Millions with Digital Learning”, a dialogue hosted by Empower School of Health (ESH) at Ambassador Hotel, Khan Market, New Delhi on 27th May 2022. It yielded a physical and virtual space for global thought leaders, Government officials, donors, multilateral agencies, private sector, NGOs, and academia to catalyze meaningful dialogues, share ideas and envisage emerging trends in digital learning. The principal objective of the event was to leverage government systems and private sector capacity to reach across India, with a special focus on promoting access and equity to last miles.


Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Dr. Reuben Swamickan, Dr. Mahesh Srinivas, Dr. Bulbul Sood, Dr. Kuldeep Singh Sachdeva, Mr. Sameer Kanwar, Mr. Madhav Joshi


Shri Sunil Kumar, Dr. K. Madan Gopal, Prof. Paul Lalvani

PtD Global Indaba Conference

6th - 8th March 2024

Empower School of Health is pleased to have participated as an organizer in the renowned PtD Global Indaba Conference held in Bangkok from March 6th to March 8th, 2024. During this conference, at Career Square, Empower School of Health proudly unveiled its latest offering: the Post Graduate Diploma in Data Management in Public Health and Supply Chain. This innovative course promises to equip professionals with the essential skills to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare supply chains. With the introduction of this course, we're at the forefront of preparing professionals for the intersection of healthcare and technology. Visitors flocked to our table to explore our extensive programs, spanning Master's, Diploma, and certificate courses in the global health supply chain.

Our Founder and Executive Director, Prof. Paul Lalvani, led a compelling discussion on "The STEP 2.0 approach to transforming supply chains in Asia: Learning, coaching, and performing," showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field. During this insightful discussion, industry leaders explored the innovative STEP 2.0 approach to revolutionizing supply chains in Asia. They also discovered how learning, coaching, and performance strategies are reshaping the future of healthcare supply chains.

The conference served as a platform for businesses, foundations, agencies, and firms to connect, collaborate, and advance activities within the global health supply chain.