Globally, more than two billion people, including women and children, do not get the micronutrients they need to survive and thrive. The impacts of micronutrient deficiencies are devastating for individuals, families, and entire countries. Empower through its digital learning solutions including design, development, and deployment of e-learning content; designing of IEC/ BCC materials and videos; designing and implementation of e-learning platforms; and training and capacity building are reaching out to a large number of workers at the last mile working with farmers, project partners, private sectors, government institutions who are directly and indirectly involved in food value chain activities.

Development of e-Learning Modules covering sustainability in agriculture value chains, for Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

Project Background

The purpose of this e-Learning course is to deliver this training to a large number of extension services and development agents working with smallholder farmers who are geographically dispersed in the various parts of the continent and also to the project partners and private sector institutions who are directly or indirectly involved in the value chain activities. The project will support the Resilience Officer in the implementation of this capacity-building training/toolkit on the integration of resiliency and sustainability in agriculture value chains with a particular emphasis on ‘greening’ and private sector involvement for sustainability.

Our Approach
  • Analysis and development of content along with the selected multi-sectoral team of subject matter experts review the existing structure, learning objectives.
  • Converting content into digital media including drafting a storyboard with all the text, interactions, assessments, videos, and images.
  • Content creation, liaise with the selected platform provider and manage learning technologist(s) and media production providers that are compatible with the e-learning course.
  • Deliver and administer a pilot across 3 regions including Eastern, Western, and Central Africa to test the e-learning course through the facilitated delivery of three training sessions.